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Vaspkit可以方便的处理VASP输出的电荷密度文件(CHGCAR),做电荷密度差分处理,VTST脚本或者VESTA也可以做,但是不如VASPKIT方便灵活。 (注:此文中讲述的功能同样适用于任何的实空间函数形式的文件处理,比如静电势差值图(LOCPOT),电子定域化函数差值图(ELFCAR),能带分解的电荷密度插值图(PARCHG)等等。. How does know different element in 2D plot and what is the relation of color coding scale in 2D plot of CHGCAR and ELFCAR. I use VESTA for visualizing these files any other good software for visualizing these files. Can anybody help me in analyzing these files. My system is LaVO4, I have attached here CHGCAR,.

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